Eric Hamilton, PhD

Eric Hamilton is Professor of Education at Pepperdine University. He teaches in the university's organizational leadership and mathematics courses. He currently leads education and learning technology research projects supported by the US National Science. The most prominent of these is the International Community for Collaborative Content Creation (, which connects teachers and students in seven countries in co-creating mathematics and science projects.

In Spring, 2017, he completed a Fulbright Research Fellowship under support from the US State Department, leading a three-year research effort that based in Namibia. His work there with government, university, school, and business partners was organized around helping that country develop the reach and quality of its science and mathematics education enterprise. With Prof. Jari Multisilta of Helsinki University, he also recently led the three-year Innovation in Learning and Education Science Across Virtual Institutes" (SAVI) connecting fourteen research groups in the US and Finland exploring conditions of building and sustaining high performance school and home learning environments. This work was also formally supported by the National Science Foundation and two federal agencies in the Finnish government.

In recent years, he led the NSF-funded Distributed Learning and Collaboration (DLAC) symposium series in Shanghai, Singapore, Uganda and Germany, and has co-led projects funded by British and Chinese scientific funding agencies. Dr. Hamilton came to Pepperdine from the US Air Force Academy, where he was a research professor and director of the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning. Dr. Hamilton has given numerous invited and keynote talks in the areas of learning technologies and future learning environments at conferences in the US and overseas. He recently has participated in two White House - NSF summits on maker spaces. He has served as Visiting Professor at Hiroshima University (Japan), Edge Hill University (UK), and the University of Namibia (Namibia).

Prior to his assignment at the US Air Force Academy, he was a member of the US government's senior executive service as the director for the education and learning technology research division at NSF. Originally tenured in computer science, he came to NSF from Loyola University Chicago, where he organized and led a nationally award-winning consortium on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning devoted to increasing the participation of underrepresented minorities in STEM professions, invented and secured patents in five countries on pen-based computing collaboration, and directed the Chicago Systemic Initiative in mathematics and science education.

Hamilton earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago and a PhD from Northwestern University. Dr. Hamilton's wife Kristy is a licensed social worker and hospice worker. He is an avid Audible books fan, and loves history and literature. He and his wife are members of Malibu Presbyterian Church. They have four adult children and live on Pepperdine's Malibu Campus.

A fuller vita for Dr. Hamilton appears here, and an abbreviated two-page NSF form vita appears here.